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The Jan./Feb. 09 issue of Pontiac Enthusiast mag has an interesting article about why you shouldn't display certain info about your car. By displaying your vin and cowl tags, it allows criminals to copy, photograph or memorize the info so they can create a copy of the vin later. The cowl tag gives them the color and interior codes allowing them to clone your car, making a less valuable car appear to be something that it's not (such as a special edition)
Displaying factory invoices and build sheets also gives criminals the info they need..With the vin and a credit card, they can get documentation for the car, without proving ownership. Imagine the problems that could occur if someone had another car and vin identical to yours! Try proving that your car is the authentic one, or that you are the real owner! The invoice also contains key codes, which could allow someone to get keys cut to steal your car. Of course you were nice enough to also put your name and town on your windshield or display board for them!
Many trailered show cars aren't registered, which makes it harder for you to prove that the car is yours.
With the vin and photos from the show or internet, they can also take out loans using your car as collateral. When they skip town, you are left with the loan.
Never display a current or old title. They contain both the vin AND your address!
Speaking of vins- have you checked to make sure that your number is correct on your registration and insurance policy? If they aren't and the car is in an accident or stolen, the insurance company is not obligated to pay because your policy covers a car with a different vin, not yours.
Protect yourself!
1.-Cover or put tape over your vin. Only remove it to show the judge.
2.-Don't display documentation
3. Don't post any documentation or photos that reveal any info on the web, and don't let strangers know where you live.
4. Keep your car registered to prove that the car is still yours.
5. Be cautious when buying a car. Make sure that the vin has not been tampered with and question paperwork that seems to be too good to be true.