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Took the Lightning to an auto cross today. It's only the second one I've made it to this year with the down time while I was trying to find a good day to fix the brakes after the open track day and then just having other things going on the same day as a couple other events.

I had been to other events in the same lot that the event today was in so I knew it would be a tight course, which means not a good Lightning course, still fun though. It was a faster course than I expected really. I normally just run the whole course in second gear but today ran most of them in first and managed to find the limiter in a couple places on the course. I made one run in 2nd which turned out to be my best run. I had a couple of faster ones in first but they each had a cone penalty for one that I just clipped enough to knock it out of the box. Oh well. I think I still won TFS for the day though. There was an 05 + Mustang today and I know I beat that, and a grand marquise that I know I beat, the other car was an LS1 Camaro and I heard his first few times and they were slower than mine but didn't hear his last couple. I think I beat him but I'm not positive. In any case, it was a fun day of racing the truck as always.