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My 1973 Vega GT Millionth Vega has turned 40 years-old. But only in years as the all original, well-preserved Vega has but 8k miles. Built June 1973, the car is 1 of 6500 Millionth Vega special editions produced May thru July at the GM Lordstown Assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio (where Chevy Cruzes are produced today).
The first titled owner (Illinois) bought it new at auction Sept.24, 1996 with 151 miles. I'm the second titled owner (NY) bought June 20, 2002 with 3,429 miles.
In the 11 years that I've owned the car, it's been driven mainly to shows and events and otherwise stored indoors as before.

The car has won more than 30 awards usually competing against restored entries, but was recognized for its originality at the Hemmings 2010 New England Concours D 'Elegance winning "Favorite Original" and "Best Preservation."
The same year the car was featured in a Motor Trend Classic retrospective Vega-Pinto-Gremlin comparison and featured in a video having been a selected winner in the Car Domain/Castrol Unlock Your Performance contest. The car has also appeared in Hemmings Motor News, Super Chevy and most recently, Hemmings Classic Car.
Ever since the day I first saw a new Vega Millionth edition in the showroom (I was 13), It's been my favorite car. This one is as close to new as the one I couldn't have back in 1973.
Happy 40th to my survivor which has helped salvage the Vega's troubled legacy...

Frank Markus, Technical Director of Motor Trend wrote of my Vega after a drive for a Motor Trend Classic retrospective comparison test in 2010,
"After a few gentle miles, I begin to understand how this car won its awards and comparison tests."
He closes the article agreeing with MT's initial assessment of the Vega and how it fared compared to its domestic competition; he wrote-
"Chevrolet spun the Vega as a more American, upscale car. And let’s face it, the car looked hot. So can you blame us for falling hook, line, and sinker for the Vega and naming it 1971’s Car of the Year."
"..well-maintained examples are great looking, nice-driving, economical classics—like Baltic Ave. with a Hotel, the best ones can be had for $10K or less.

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