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Having way to much fun up in the Black Hills again. So much to see and so much to do:) had fun in Bear Country, Wind Cave the 4th largest in the world, Jewel cave only 30 or so miles from Wind Cave is the 2nd largest cave in the world. Crazy Horse is looking better, still a little high to get in but not bad. Mt Rushmore is only $10.00 for your car and good for a whole year.
Gunfights in Keystone, Hill City, Deadwood and a few other great western stops. This pic was in Keystone with Big Dave Murra behind me. The 7'2 cowboy was in some western movies and very well known in Keystone. You see him with a whip in the middle of the highway, it does get your attention! Jerry Allan on the right side of the photo. Jerry was in the Gunsmoke movie and lots of other well known western's. He plays Wild Bill. Michael Paul on the left side play Wild Bills Deputy that was gundown by Wild Bill during a shotout. Wild Bill thought he was one of the bad guys coming in from the back. This was at The Red Garter Saloon. Hit the 1880 town again and the 1880 train ride from Hill City to Keystone round trip. It's about a 2 and a half hour trip. By the way, I did hit that 25 cent tub again;)