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as my youngest son squeals in delight - "TankTang Running!!!!"

we don't have my blow thru carb back yet (next week) but we did have an extra 850 laying around (the turbo is not hooked up to it). so once we got the driveshaft done a couple of days ago, we couldn't resist putting the extra carb on and trying her out today.


we changed the front control arms to center the front wheels in the well.

we took the 5-speed out and put a 2-speed automatic powerglide in with a 4000 stall converter and a custom aluminum driveshaft.

we added a couple of new gauges along with the triple pillar pod - boost gauge, air/fuel gauge, and air intake temp gauge.

and finally, my exhaust used to dump right at the passenger rear tire under the car. we wanted to mellow the exhaust out a bit and quiet down the exhaust in the interior so we extended the 3.5" pipe out to the rear bumper.

my new gaping hole in the center console will be converted to a cup holder for my morning commute coffee mugs.

now we only have two more things left to do to her - first is to put the axles and posi unit in and the last thing is the roll cage. hopefully these last two things will be done in the next couple of months.

then it's track time! lol