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In 2010 I started Auto-crossing my other 86 Si. I found that the sunroof + helmet are not working to well for me. By change the person that bought my 84 1500S called wanting to sell it back to me. No all of the go/stop/turn fast parts have been moved.

I'm still wanting this car as a daily driver with many options. I hope to get it setup with a D16Y8 or maybe the D16Z6. I really want another OBD-2 swap. I have the Hasport D-series mounts already. I want all of my optional parts on this car. (EDM lights, headlight wipers, JDM corners, civic spoiler, 1986 Integra F1 edition rims, cargo cover, AC, keyless entry, cruise control) I even want power windows if I can get a set of the JDM optional ones for this chassis.

But for not the car is in pieces and much of is Si fuel system was moved to the 84. In fact, if I can find a rust free 86 Si shell in the meantime I may just get rid of this one but use all of its parts in the other one.