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Well, I got bad/good news for everyone today. I have posted my baby for sale. I can feel my eyes getting teared up and a lump in my throat when I think about it. This is such a hard thing to do.

To start with, I was gonna sell it and get a new bike. I had a bike picked out and everything. But then I needed a car to drive so I had to get that.. now I dont have the money for a bike and got stuck with a POS truck. I am working on getting the bike yet but it is gonna take some time.

I decided to sell the car because I have lost my kids and wife and no longer have a need for a passinger car. I am also wanting to get rid of anything that reminds me of all the BS that I have had to deal with over my marrige.

bottom line. I have lost my wife, kids, appartment, and car. This is all the things that are important to me. The only thing I have left is my friends. I am very greatfull for the friends that i have that are willing to stand by my side when I have hit rock bottome.