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Everyone come down to Summit Racing in Mcdounough Ga tommoro for i think the 3rd annual BAN ONE SHOW. All makes and models of Firebirds and Trans Ams are welcome.

If its not a show car bring it anyway, awards will be given by class, It should be a fairly good turn out. The past Two Previous Years were good turnouts and we are hoping for another.

There is Going to be Good Classic Music, Good Food, and some awesome Firebirds & TA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you dont have a Bird come down anyways and check all of them out! Who knows you might come to like them and wanna buy one! Also go on into Summit and check out some merchandise and buy some parts!

We always are having a good time, lots of friendly people and families, and cool stories about their cars.

Last year the Smokey And The Bandit rig was there to kick off the start of the Bandit Run, Im unsure if its going to be there this year but, still gonna be tons of sweet cars.


-Summit Racing Equipment

-DWS Concepts

-Hawks 3rd Gen Parts

-Restore A Muscle Car

-Bellamy Strickland

Date and Time are Saturday May 7,2011 9am-5pm

All 3 of My firebirds will be down there tommoro, including my high school car!

Come on and Enjoy!!!!!!!!