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I found this car in a w.virginia barn,,the farmer wanted it gone to make room for some farm eq,,,the old timer had rubbed her down with some kind of oil when he stored it back in 1988 !,,the oil bath seems to have preserved the car very well !,,I am not much of a ford man but I love the lines on this car,,,then I see it has a 429 cobra jet under the hood,,,SOLD !,,I wont even say what I paid for the car but I will tell you it was a deal I could not pass up,,,I cant wait to get into this car,,,I will keep my garage updated on what should be a very interesting project,,,,oh and if you look real hard ,you will see it comes complete with a BULLET HOLE !,,( maybe a old shine runner),,,,,,HEY I BETTER LOOK IN THE TRUNK !,,,