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A month ago, I carved out the time to do the battery relocation project in my ’63 Corvair. I stripped out the seats and carpet and discovered some rust-through – nothing too significant thankfully. With fiberglass cloth over the holes, I applied a pint of POR-15 to the floors. Then I drilled holes, installed grommets, and ran the battery cable from the trunk through the hole high in the passenger footwell through the hole in the rear center of the interior and out to the starter. The battery box is located as far forward and to the right as possible. I ran the cable to the positive terminal and then tied the cable down at critical spots using nylon p-clips. I ran the pigtail off the terminal to the main supply wire in the harness under the dash and spliced it in. With the main cable in place, I reinstalled the carpet and seats. For the negative cable, I drilled a hole in a support near the battery, cleaned off the paint to get bare metal, and bolted on the end of the cable. Everything worked and the GEN light didn’t come on. Success is a beautiful thing.