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Well I have not been involved the project for a few weekends now as I have been pre occupied with other stuff, but the project has had some new developments.
First off all they discovered that the new chase is bend and that the gearbox that came with the chase and rebuilt SP1600 motor is not engaging 1St gear.
I have a strong feeling that the chase got bend when they but the body on to it as they have some weird way of doing it coz they had to find a away for only two people to do so coz the owner just could not wait but hay that is not my
So now he has decided to use the old chase with the old gearbox and the rebuild 1600 motor.
They have started to cut most of the rust away but after my inspection of it on Saturday morning I can see there is still loads to be cut out and once that has been done I will give a hand to do the welding for them as they only have a MMA machine aka stick welding and you cant do thin body welding with MMA so I will do it with a MIG welder aka Co2 I will use 0.8mm ER70S-6 MIG wire.
I know at the moment it does not look like much but give it a few months and this project will take your breath away..... I hope....hehehehe

Part 1: