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The Gulf Coast Trans Am Club

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ramair1 has invited all to take a step back in time to get a glimpse of this rare time capsule caught on film. A time that many of us were still not quite old enough yet to drive and for some of us who lived it, and then there are those that can reminisce of days of yore!
Before there was a “Bandit Run” or a “Year One” Event, which I was fortunate enough to participate in its inaugural year and ending up at the Year One festivities, there was The “Gulf Coast Trans Am Club”, which I was also fortunate enough again to participate in some of their activities. Tagging along as little brother in my teenage years of the Club President for a number of years had its rewards for me. I got to live a dream and learn at a young age that my passion had begun, and continued on through the years even to this day.
Though The Gulf Coast Trans Am Club is no longer an organization in the area, there is still a club active in the Houston area known as The “Trans Am Club of Houston” (TACH) which still holds club functions and events.
Belonging to and participating in a club of your choice or a group of enthusiasts like “Motortopia” has its rewards and I would hope that all that can be a part of such a group to join one. There is wealth of information to gain through and being part of one of these organizations.
The point to all of this is the fact that I was able to acquire these vintage photographs from my brother and live that long ago fun filled time once again. The time frame from which these photos took place was between 1975 and 1993 with the majority of them in the late 70’s and 80’s. So sit back and enjoy a moment in time!!!!!