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Check it out! I just bought this 66 Caprice. It's the proverbial "barn find"...It has less than 32K miles, protect-o-plate, no rust & no dents. It has been unmolested.

It has had one repaint, the original lacquer is cracked & showing through what I must assume is enamel paint...which has become discolored.

I am featuring the day one photos. I can't say that this 283/PG car will win a national championships, but I can say without too much uncertainty that it will look better (and soon).

I have bought this car for my son. I think that I'm going to call it; 66BC as in 1966 Ben's Caprice.

Stay posted if you'd like to see it transition...

I'm back!

BTW - Props out to 66HardTop who helped me get her home! I appreciate your help! BCJ