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well this incedent happened on new years day so i know i'm a little late on tellin this, but anyhoo my husband was in the process of taking an old waterpump out of is suburban and he had 2 bolts break on him. so we fired the bird up and took a drive to harbor freights to get an excrusion set to get the bolts out. well we get 2 town and of course get stopped at a red light. there are 3 cars in front of me. light turns green we all go, i just go ahead and get in the left side lane on the by-pass cause the store we're goin to is on the left. the speed limit is 45, i'm goin 50. the 1st 2 cars i pass, guess they're just slow, but i'm goin the same as the guy that was in the very front. i look in my rearview and there is a cop car comin up pretty fast. i ask my hubby "hope he ain't comin after me, i'm just goin 50 and so is the guy next 2 me" he said sometimes they just get u for goin 1 mile over. of course on come the blue lights, so i say "guess he's got me" so i pull over. mean while the car beside me just drives on. i get my registration and all that good stuff ready for the officer. he's a nice fellow, got a smile on his face, he said i was sittin behind u at that redlight back there, when u pulled out and passed up those cars i clocked u doin 62. 62!!!!!!!! now i know my speedometer is not broke. i told him if i was goin 62, which i wasn't cause my speed hand was on 50, then the car that was beside me was goin 62 also. he said "well sometimes when u see a police car in ur rearview u slow down without realizing it and then look at ur speedometer. i told him i knew what i was goin b4 i even knew he was back there. (i didn't even know he was behind me at the redlight). he then just asked for my information and told me that he was gonna run it, and said just because he pulled me over doesn't mean he's gonna give me a ticket. (hm, that's a good sign) he comes back says everthing checks out good (well of course it does) and the next thing he said was what really got me. he said u didn't turn out to be the type of person i thought u would be. with the looks of ur car i thought u was just some young punk redneck kid tryin to race. "not hardly" i told him. so it's funny thinkin about it, but also disturbing. am i gonna have to put up w/ gettin pulled over, bein told i'm goin faster than what i know i'm going, just because the officer thinks i'm some young punk redneck kid? just because of the car i drive? everytime i'm out driving, i'm going the speedlimit or a couple of miles over, i get passed by mini vans, pick-up trucks, suv's goin probably 20 miles over the speed limit. never see 'em get pulled over. of course i know officers have 2 be ready for anything and can't let there gaurd down, and i have the upmost respect for them and what they do. but it's still funny and disturbing at the same time. oh yeah, he didn't give me ticket, and he was actually a very friendly police officer :)