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Well, I'm sitting in an airport ready to take off. BR10 is over and this is my last mini recap.
after Daytona, I went down to Jupiter with Mike and Larry. Those traffic lights sucked but Burt not showing up sucked more. After the Bash though, I went out with my fourth gen buddies and enjoyed some drinks. That made up for everything else.
The ride up to Orlando was EXTREMELY buggie! I have never seen so manny bugs. Mike, Larry and I rode up solo and made it to the track before most. We ran the laps and like last year the run just kind of ended. I didnt really get to say goodbye to a lot of people because the three of us didnt stay at the same hotel...
Mike, Larry and I stayed at a sweet condo and went to downtown Disney to walk around and eat at the House of Blues.
I got to see most of my old friends, got to know some people better and got to meet new people. Thanks for another great run everyone, see you next year (in my car)!!!!