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??Car electronicsCar electronics car interior cleaning and maintenance of the maintenance of common sense sterilization
To drive will find: Parti shoes British bombs fall on the mat trace of soot, the seat surface Kuaikuai stains, inner door panel side dashboard and covered misty dust. How to solve the cleaning and maintenance of car interior? Beauty expert pointed out that the car interior cleaning and maintenance is not easy to live, so pay attention to the daily cleaning of the car, and regularly go to a specialty store to do the interior conservation.
??Material Handling & Construction MachineryIf you are usually busy owners, the daily maintenance of all of the above described, are by professional car beauty shop do it for you.
??Maintenance of professional interior car cleaning, leather protection and steam sterilization.
??Full car cleaning: in strict accordance with the dusting, cleaning, maintenance trilogy dashboards, roof, rear cylinder platform, seat, and velvet, inner door panels, etc. thoroughly clean and comprehensive conservation process by four staff operation, which takes about two and a half hours. Are neutral or weak acidic cleaning agents used in the cleaning process, the residues no harmful gases, and automatically within a few seconds volatile, safety and environmental protection, will not produce any harm to the human body. Video surveillance equipment
??Leather protection: professional car beauty shop is equipped with a full set of leather care tool to use different tools for different parts of the operation. In addition, professional leather protection, access dose of cleaning agents and maintenance agents have certain requirements, because the excess liquid will be left in the dust, the leather surface adsorption air pollution inside the car environment.
??Steam sterilization: steam sterilization in addition to a comprehensive range of high-temperature sterilization of the air inside the car, but also for the car's air conditioning vent, seat, ground velvet few easy to accumulate dust and bacteria parts focus sterilization treatment, to ensure complete kill those mites, fungi and micro-organisms invisible to the naked eye, and to protect their families and their own health. The same time will not cause damage to the car accessories, nor will it produce secondary pollution to the environment.
??Dashboards: dashboards most likely to accumulate dust, and there is a lot of dead ends, the owners available self cleaning brush, brushed daily instrument sets, air inlet, switches, buttons, etc. to prevent dust accumulation and difficult to remove. If the dashboards are dirty, you need to be sprayed with a special instrument sets detergent, and wipe clean with a clean soft cloth. After cleaning, you can spray on a layer of table board wax.
??Roof: The roof is relatively easy to overlook the place, and once the cleaning, is bound to be a liquid residue dripping on the seat or carpet. U.S. Jushi experts recommend: usually the owners of available cars cleaner dust, and then wait until the car beauty shop interior conservation a thorough cleaning of the ceiling.
??After cylinder platform: We usually regard the tissue boxes, dolls, cushion and other debris piled up on the platform of the rear cylinder, paper towels, pillow often sitting in the car to have access to, so clean-up of the rear cylinder platform, dust sloppy may not. Its clean reference instrument control panel.
??Seat: The seat is the owners of most contact with the most interior parts get dirty easily, so on the maintenance of the seat, the first is on the seat cover cloth seat covers, and is also available in a set, and can be replaced at any time cleaning. The second is to avoid food or liquid knocked on the seat, especially alcoholic or fragrance items, once stained, more than 12 hours not to clean up these stains would be difficult to removed. The third is to avoid the metal object to scratch the surface of the leather. The fourth is to regularly use leather cleaning agents and maintenance agents for cleaning and maintenance to prevent the leather aging, fading and cracking. Expert advice: every six months for car leather trim care.
??Ground velvet: the local cashmere dirty, not be removed from the vehicle, to the cleaning work has caused great difficulties, so most car owners choose to go to a professional car beauty shop for cleaning, but usually in the velvet-capped block mats to facilitate the day-to-day cleaning. To which the Ottomans cleaning water squeezed. Professional car beauty the dedicated wash pad machine shop, cleaning the floor mats and fast and clean.
??The inner door panel: car door panels stains shoe prints, and are concentrated in the door under the side edge, usually have to pay more attention to regular cleaning. Owners can use a professional foam detergent for cleaning, and then you can wipe with a clean, soft cloth slightly.
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