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??Car electronics maintenance car maintenance and repair of the rainy day Raiders
??Recently, most parts of the country has suffered the heavy rainfall hit, my province in southern Shaanxi, is suffered flooding. The city traffic, it not only to the travel inconvenience, vehicles are particularly prone to failure. car electronics products repair technician told reporters, moist air and rain to make the vehicle under test, if the vehicle condition, should be timely repair, prevent the emergence of " sequela ".
??The rain cover sewing more vulnerable
??Rain without a car, to the vehicle wear " coat ", a wet cloth cleaning ... ... Rainy day, many owners maintenance vehicle view and practice is wrong. If the owner that rainy days without washing, actually otherwise, because the rain often acidic, viscous material, long time rainfall on the body causing serious injury, if not timely cleaning, car surface is easy to rust and corrosion, thereby losing luster effect on the car's appearance. Experts say, prevent the acid in the rain on the body of the damage, the most simple and effective method that the owner can prepare a dry cloth body, a simple wipe, until the weather cleared to repair shop or 4S stores to the car in all directions and a sealing glaze polishing waxing. Personal/Office Electronics
??In addition, many owners used to vehicle set on clothing, although the vehicle can be prevented damage to the surface, but in the case of windy rainy weather, clothing will repeatedly pumping vehicle paint, especially when the wind blew into the clothing, will be in the body to draw on the endless small scratches, for a long time can also cause the paint to darken.
??Pay attention to vehicle dehumidification sterilization
??The air conditioner will often have mildew taste, in order to eliminate the smell, there is a simple method, the air is warm up to maximum, take turns using a variety of wind blowing mode, about 15 minutes. When the air conditioner works, the air outlet temperature can reach 40 ? -50 ?, therefore there will be hot flushes air evaporation, remove mildew. In the indoor moisture, once the weather cleared, opened the four door windows, make indoor air convection a get hot, the body will quickly eliminated from internal deposition of water vapor.
In addition, audio avoids wet is also noteworthy. The rainy season humidity increased, CD record surface often has a layer of fog, will have read disk failure, so every once in a while cleaning a.
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