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After many many years of what appeared to be fairly normal life: driving cars that made the most sense for the situation at the time. Now I'm in a different situation and recently made my first step into not just car ownership, but car investing.

What I have learned is that no matter how you get into this sort of thing, cars are addicting. I am one who really likes to learn, but I am a hands on learner. Giving me a shop manual isn't gonna help much, but talking to people and working on the car with them is how I learn. And danged if folks were not correct: these old cars you can actually work on!

So after years of never really knowing much about cars, all of the sudden I find myself at the cars 101 level talking about POSI, under systems, transmissions, tri-power set up, and all sorts of things. I couldn't tell you what it means to bore something out, but I'm really excited about learning.

Admittedly there are advantages and disadvantages to my approach with this. I will never be as good on my cars as guys who have been doing it forever, but with eight kids I don't have the time anyway. But I do have the resources to have one car I need to keep matching, and one car that I can keep beautifully modified. And in both cases I can keep them nice and make improvements, but I'm not in a position where I have the time or space to actually do the work myself.

But I am grateful that in this world of car investing and restoration, it doesn't seem to matter how you get into this. If you are humble, like to learn, and polite with others, there are GREAT people out who are ever so willing to talk cars and who will answer even the dumbest of questions!

Welcome to the world of cars!