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It’s that time of the year again, when you are planning all those family trips in which your car will play a very important role in your fun activities. You don’t want your car to be giving up on you in the summer, when you most need it. If you have a car, you need to take good care of it; otherwise it won’t perform optimally when you need it to.

Car maintenance is not just about keeping your car in good working conditions but is also about safety. If you want your family to be safe when they are in the car, adhering to the tips given below is absolutely critical.

1. Check your Tyres

No, it’s not just flat tyres that you need to keep an eye out for, what you also need to do is check the tyre pressure. There are plenty of people who take their cars out for a spin, without checking the tyre pressure. Tyres that do not have the requisite amount of pressure are dangerous to use, especially during the summer, when the tyre is susceptible to rising temperatures. Something else that you need to look for, is a worn down or a misaligned tire. As can be imagined, such tires bring down car safety and must be corrected at the nearest service station. You will also need to clean the brake dust that clings to the wheels and you need to do this regularly. Otherwise, it will stick to your wheels, decreasing their efficiency.

2. Get it Nicely Oiled Up

So, what’s that one thing that keeps you car hale and hearty and that too at all times. It’s the oil. If you want your car parts to function seamlessly and with full functional efficiency, make sure that you change your oil as suggested by your car owner’s manual. Having said that, you still have to keep checking up on your car’s oil levels regularly to make sure you aren’t low on oil. What’s also important is that you check how the oil looks. If it looks dark and grimy, you will need to change it even if the oil is present in sufficient quantities. You must learn how to check the car’s oil, as well. It’s actually a pretty simple task. All you need to do is park your car on level ground, shut the engine, and pull out the oil dipstick. Wipe it clean with a rag and push it all the way in. Removing it will help you check the oil levels.

3. Check the Filter

An air filter can get clogged because of daily use, especially during winters. So when winter’s over, you need to unclog this air filter to improve the fuel efficiency of your car. You will need to change your air filter if you have covered a stipulated amount of miles, but you might need to change it earlier if you car has travelled through dusty roads or in windy weather. Whatever the conditions you have driven your car in, it’s of paramount importance that you check your air filter regularly. You might find that your air filter has gone to the dogs within a month of having replaced it. That’s because there is no specific time frame in which an air filter can get clogged with dust and grime.

4. Brake Check

If you don’t want to find yourself making the rounds of auto accident lawyers this summer, it’s important to check your brakes. They need to be inspected before you take your car out for that summer road trip, otherwise you might end up driving a car with faulty brakes, which puts you and your family at great risk. You must regularly check the brake lining to see whether it’s given out. If you aren’t very sure about how to go about checking your brakes, take your car to the nearest garage and ask a mechanic to do this job for you. But, there are some tell tale signs of worn down breaks that you can always look out for, these include a hard brake pedal, a mushy brake pedal and a brake pedal that gives out grinding noise when pushed down

Keep these 4 tips in mind and you will have rip roaring car that you can trust to keep taking you from one place to another. But, if you ignore these tips, you do so at your own risk. If you want to drive safely, you must make sure that your car is functioning optimally.