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Im here to inform mopar fans that chrysler has been sold to Cerberus, i think a german based car company. Chrysler was sold for 7.4 billion. chrysler will be changed form Daimler Chrysler AG to just Daimler AG, i know stupid right. I dont want to start rumors but unfortunatly they have halted production for the 2008 cchallenger untill further notice, I have also herd that the Cerbreus comany wants to "Do away" with dodge. i can tell you this know, if they try to cancle dodge, ima do some seriouse strikes in michigan. if you want more info i would go to google and type in chrysler and go to the thrid one down, daimler chrysler home or go to please i would love to hear your opinions so dont hold back!![img]http://[/img]