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will coming up on another spring and the car is still at the shop waiting for the bodywork. Last fall it was close to paint got all fitted and sanded and epoxy primed and of course one fender didnt fit quite right. So i had to find a replacement fender which i did. But its still not painted yet. I havent had the car here since October of 2008 i just hope and pray this year i can get it back. For those who dont know or forgot i got hit back in September of 2008 leaving a local cruise night. And ive been doing a restoration ever since. The car had some half assed body work done im guessing back in the 80's with lots of fiberglass, filler and horrific patch work. Hell it had 3 different fenders lapped on one rear quarter panel. So ive gone through and fixed pretty much everything its been quite a pain. But the car will be better than perfect when its done i just want to drive her again. The only positive thing was the night i got hit was the night i met my wife which i guess it was ment to be.