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For my 50th Birthday, I got;

1. Kit to transform my Challenger's hood scoop into an air-induction set-up.
2. Diablo Predator U7135 Performance Program kit
3. Car cover

My Challenger is kept in the garage. Even so, Birds come in the garage (& poop on it), we all (esp. me) open that garage door at least once a day and it often drips water on the Challenger and many other harmful things that can happen – so why not cover it? My 'Vette is covered...My son's '66 Caprice is covered...they're both in the garage...And now, so is my Challenger.

I had heard that Dodge was coming-out with the “MOPAR Edition” Challenger and that it would have a T/A hood that was fully functioning (mine was closed and only for “looks”). At the 2011 Chrysler’s at Carlisle, I talked to the MOPAR Performance representative about the new T/A hood on the “MOPAR Edition” Challengers and ask if a “conversion kit” might be available for us pre-2011 Challenger owners – he said that by mid-2011, a kit would be available.

When I “ordered” the car, I got it with the T/A hood & the Cold-Air-Induction kit – So it was staged perfectly for the next step. That step iswas: Forced Air Induction.

For my 50th birthday, I got the kit to transform my dormant T/A hood, into the 2010-Dodge-Version for Forced-Air-Induction.

Additionally, I got Diablo's Sport Predator Performance Tuning kit. This thing is cool! Yeah, I'm old-school & low-tech when it comes to cars. But I'm coming around... This was order for my car – a 2010 Challenger RT Automatic.

Keep in mind, my Challenger was tuned to run on 87 octane fuel from the factory...thus, it was leaving a lot of HP untapped. After filling the tank with a fresh batch of Sunoco's 93 octane fuel, I applied the performance tune. I was pleasantly surprised to find-out that I could applied dyno-tested performance tunes that were:

1. 93 Octane
2. 93 Octane with Cold-Air-Induction
3. 91 Octane
4. 91 Octane with Cold-Air-Induction
5. Manufacture's stock tune
6. My car's original – which was save before the process began
7. Economy tune to get even better gas mileage on 87 Octane fuel
8. ...Or, Customize the tune. But Why bother? The other tunes are dyno-tested.

Having the Cold-Air-Induction, the “forced-air-induction” and full tank of Sunoco's 93 octane fuel (I ran-out the 87 octane & filled-up the night before), obviously I went with the 93 Octane with Cold-Air-Induction tune.

I had took today off & went down to a part of our local bypass that has lots of room & little traffic. I did four test runs;

1. Power braking with the Traction Control disengaged
2. Power braking with the Tracking Control engaged.
3. Flat-footing it with the Traction Control disengaged
4. Flat-footing it with the Traction Control engaged

Out of the four tests, #1 & #4 aligned best to the car's liking. I'm “taking the 5th”...but based on these less than scientific test; I'd guess that I could run through a ¼ mile trap-light at somewhere between 115-120 MPH with little to no traction loss at the line. Once I take it to the track, I'll post some more objective & less incriminating data.

With all this technology & the performance gains, I'm reminded of what GTO from Two Lane Black had to say “I was online”!