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Well ive been a member here for quite a while and more and more i see alot of bickering. I personally look at challenges ALOT like a car show. When you do a show everyone goes into classes i.e. street rod, classic, muscle car, import, modern, modern muscle and other. If everyone wants some kind of format why dont we break this down. I understand everyone wants wins but how many times do you click on a challenge to see someone with their classic car going against someones daily driver import or modern domestic? Or someones full customized show vehicle against an old rusted farm truck? Personally i come here to have fun and meet people from all over the world that share the same desire. And the whole idea of challenging someone is awsome and i love the comments aspect. But then it always goes into a flaming session because of one smart a** comment, Maybe im a little crazy but i dont care what you own if you take the time and engery to work on something and feel the need to share it id love to see it. And hear about everything youve done and have gone through. But when you stack up a teenagers $5,000 ride against someones $40,000 show car there's gonna be an issue. Just my 2 cents