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I recently had a conversation on the topic of Motortopia Challenges with one of my better Motortopia friends. What we concluded was pretty much this:

I've voted many times on cars that obviously cost less than the ones they were competing against but I give credit for "wrench time". My mantra is "built not bought". Although the high-dollar cars are nice to look at, it's pretty hard to respect the guy that owns it when he doesn't know a thing about it! A good many of the true rodders here would say they have ****boxes but a lack of abundance in the funds department have slowed their build's progress. These people DO NOT HAVE ****boxes, what they have are works in progress! Any hotrodder worth his salt knows the difference so screw the naysayers. I catch so much crap for driving my '64 but the people giving me the crap are the same ones driving new Hondas. I take the same truck to the local rod-runs and before I know it, the people that know their old iron are taking pics! So, you keep doing what you're doing and always know the REAL rodders are taking notice! Everybody else just doesn't get it.

I doubt everybody on the site will agree with me but luckily we live in a country where we all have the freedom to express our individual opinions.

Happy Hotrodding!