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Well lots of changes happenin !!

I've decided to add another horse to the stable, my other love a Mopar!

I've picked up a 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner clone, originally started it's life a 1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring with a 318, automatic

Now it's a Petty Blue, Roadrunner clone with a stroker 360, 408 actually. With a performance cam setup, 4bbl 750 carb, TTI Long tube headers, new stainless 2.5 in exhaust into Flowmasters, 727 tranny with 3000rpm holeshot, Ralley Gauge package, electric fan and a large list of other technical details I will list out in another blog entry

I love the old school look and the power, the current papers I have on it show what should be over 400hp at the crank.

I don't want to change much about it, but I'd like to add front disc brakes for safety and firgure out the rear suspension setup, there are airshocks under there that are not connected to fill hoses, leafs and mounted on top of the rear end are some coil springs. The odd thing is there is an air compressor as you would see for an air ride system, under the hood, so I think at one time it had air bags under the rear end and were pulled out and replaced with the springs, not sure why