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Some friends and I picked the 68 Charger up earlier in month from Resto paint guy and have begun reassembly and finish work. It's really hot here (90s) so we are doing some work in early morning and at night as we feel like it. Guess the AC of the 1,500 square foot shop might have been a good choice, except for the cost. Maybe that lottery ticket will hit someday soon. LOL

Undercoated the front fender wells to seal them and kill some noise. Did the transmission hump area as well. Expect to continue through the back of vehicle with same undercoating. Been using Rustoleum brand spray can undercoating and like that it sticks well and drys fast. However, coverage per can is small compared to regular paint. About 2.5 cans for each fender well area.

Began assembling the front suspension with K-Member, front disk brake assembly and all new suspension. Most of the parts are powder coated gloss black and the balance are painted black where powder coating wasn't an option.

Once we get the assembly on for a rolling chassis I will be working on the firewall components and such.

More later.