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I haven't posted a blog in almost two months so I figured I'd give an update. Since my last post I have got the car pretty much dialed in. It's runny really good now. Before it ran great, but if you mashed the gas from a dead stop it would bog down and sometimes stall out. Now I can slam the gas and it burns out for a good 5-10 seconds before getting traction. That brought a smile to my face!
A few weeks ago I upgraded the whole front suspension. I bought a front end rebuild kit and lowering springs from I also ordered Bilstein front shocks. It took about half of a day to install the stuff with my friend's help. The front end rides great now. The rear suspension needs to be replaced next as it's all original and pretty much shot. I hope to do that project this coming winter since I can't afford it right now.
This past weekend I painted the front header panel to match the rest of the car. I replaced the panel over the winter, but never got around to painting it. I just used some Rustoleum spray paint. It's not a show car paint job, but it sure looks better having the car all one color. Someday down the road I'll get the car painted professionally. I have a lot to do before that happens though.