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My 1973 Vega GT returned to the Long Island Cars Show at Belmont Racetrack in Elmont NY Sunday, August 11th.
In its third outing there since '06, the field was huge and the competition was fierce. The original Vega can hold its own to restored entries, pulling off 1st or 2nd Place in class and took 2nd this time. I asked the judge after the show what specific areas prevented the car from taking the top spot. As I suspected, a few paint chips on a wheel and the need for further engine compartment detailing were the reasons. If corrected he said, "You should be OK."
If any consolation, the flawless, yellow 2007 Corvette Z06 next to me also took 2nd place in its class.

Vega GT at Long Island Cars Show - Belmont Racetrack
August 6, 2006 1st Place
November 5, 2006 2nd Place
August 11, 2013 2nd Place

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