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I started a Wiki on the Chevy Vega and its variants a year ago featuring 17 pages (16 articles), blogs and over 400 images. I wrote and edited the material over a two year period. The Reviews article is new and I've added hundreds of images. Pontiac Sunbird article has been added.

Chevrolet Vega
Chevrolet Cosworth Vega
Chevrolet Vega Reviews
Millionth Vega
Car and Driver's 1973 Vega GT #0
V8 Vegas
Lordstown Assembly
Vert-A-Pac (Vega Rail Cars)
DeLorean Factor
GM H-Platform
Pontiac Astre
Chevrolet Monza
Pontiac Sunbird
Buick Skyhawk
Oldsmobile Starfire

Featured article: Chevrolet Vega - Chevy Vega Wiki
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Chevrolet Vega Reviews - Chevy Vega Wiki
Link: http://chevyv..._Vega_Reviews

Image: My 1973 Vega GT - Millionth Vega at the Motor Trend Classic photoshoot in April, 2010.