Filed under: 1989 Peugeot 205 (F560 VAD)

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With my new engine and box weighing the rear of the car down greatly (£50 in the end, including alternator and carb - bargain!), my car has been imprisoned by some cowboy cockface under the name of Able Parking Services. I was parked behind WHSmiths in Clifton for 45 minutes or so, late on a Friday night when it was clearly shut. I came back out to find my car and two others suffering large yellow shackles.

The release fee is £100 according to the paper stuck to the window, or £125 PER DAY according to the not-very-obvious sign, high up on the wall about 30 feet away. Lets not even mention towing fees - I am worried! However, I think I can take the clamp off if I unbolt the balljoint (its held on with a chain round the suspension arm) and could be away :)

Such poor poor timing, since tomorrow morning I have to rise early, go shopping, put engine in mini garage, load car with MUCH autotest ****, and then liaise at 12:30 with any freshers who respond to the 200 flyers I put on cars this afternoon. Its going to be a long day... and that's without packing for Easter and driving home!