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Hey everyone! Have some news for you all! I was accepted into my college of choice which is a community college in my area. I am going for automotive service-GM. I went to an informational meeting and I have to do a paid internship at a dealership in the area. I also have to travel daily to a seperate location for the actual automotive classes. My parents decided that because I will have a lot of money in tools and such it would be best not to take a bus everywhere. So they said I will take my dad's '06 Saturn Vue and he will get a new car! I'd like to think this is my first car. I have done the majority of the work on it and really have gotten to know it. It is a 5-speed manual 4 cylinder! I am very excited.

Now, he did get a new car faster than I thought he would...we picked it up 3 days after he told me this. He ended up buying a 2010 Honda CR-V AWD. It is either a 2.0 or 2.4 4 cylinder. I haven't had time to look! It is automatic. It's very stylish and I'm not a Honda guy but I sure do like this car. It runs quiet, shifts perfectly and looks brand new. Pictures will come up when I get around to getting them! I took it for a short drive and for a 4 cylinder it felt pretty powerful!

All in all we are all very excited. We now have the 2006 Vue, 2010 CR-V and a 2010 Odyssey. Let me know if you guys are interested about my school. I would love to tell you what the facilities are like (lets just say amazing). I have a few model cars to put up as well. That should happen soon! Hope to hear from you all soon! Take care!