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Motor Trend Classic Spring 2013 features a "Toxic Throwdown" of my '76 Cosworth Vega vs a '76 Capri II.
Frank Marcus, Technical Director of Motor Trend said:
"Motor Trend's October 1975 article pitted the Cosworth against the Capri II 2.8 with each trimmed in matching black paint with gold wheels and pinstripping...
For this test, we were fortunate enough to find two superb cars, each owned by a marque expert. Vega guru Robert Spinello recently acquired #3466 Cossie, in Mahogany over Buckskin (eight additional colors were added for 1976), is one of 815 featuring the desirable M75 five-speed and 4.10:1 axle ($244), and benefits from many of the 300 quality enhancements made for the Vega’s penultimate year, including galvanized fenders and rockers along with a restyled grille and tail lamps. Showing just 2681 miles during our photo shoot, it’s racked up myriad trophies while being passed around the Cosworth Vega club via trailer (but Robert drives it!)."

Overblown - "The China Syndrome might have overhyped the TMI (Three-Mile Island) incident as bad press might have exaggerated the Vega's woes."
"I can definitely sense some of the Vega's raw, untamed nature that my predecessors described."
"Stylish and historically significant but ridiculously overpriced in its day and ultimately a bit unfinished, the ultimate Vega now represents a serious collector bargain."

Photo: Cosworth Vega and Capri II face off at Three Mile Island, October 20, 2012. MT photo from the article.

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