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Well folks, I sold my 1994 "Crown" last night.
As retirement is just 7 months away, it's time to reduce the number of vehicles I have.
It had just under 60,000 miles, and was pretty much rust free.
It went to a friend in the Canadian Armed Forces that I have known for 30 years.
With all that he has been through in the name of democracy,(shot twice in Afghanistan but finished his tour anyway) I couldn't help but see this car go to him.
He also had a 1994 Crown, but with nearly 240,000 miles, it was ready for the scrap yard. Fenders rusting out and tranny ready to give up.
I know that this car will give him a few more years of trouble-free driving, and he tells me that he is already getting compliments of the condition of this "ride".

The next vehicle to sell will be my 1997 Grand Am, to grandaughter Sarah.