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After attending my Niece's graduation from High School and having lunch at a place that was supposed to be yummy (okay, I had the veggie burger with low-fat cottage cheese), Mom and I went to DMV and got my Dad's truck transferred to my name.

It felt so good to have her home, where she belongs.

I went through the glove compartment. Found the truck was purchassed by my Dad in June 1969. The engine had been, in later years, rebuilt when it had either 142000 miles or 242000 miles. New tires had been put on in 05 among other maintenance records.

I also found a plethora of maps from our travels when I was young; Oregon, Washington, the Bay Area, etc. How incredibly cool! One is of an area where a restaurant called Beckie's is in Oregon near Crater Lake and the Huckleberry Pie was to die for. God, how I'd love a piece of that again today.

God, how I'd love to be back vacationing as a young girl with my family. Some of those memories are so precious to me.

I've got to take my 05 Ford Escape in for it's 60K servicing. Oh joy, I'd rather be putting the money into the '69, but my Escape is my daily ride and I just absolutely adore her too.