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PLEASE NOTE: The photo I am attaching to this blog is NOT a picture of my vehicle. It's one that represents what she will look like when she is painted and restored. The picture was captured from the internet and it is for sale she's not mine. The photo is found on the web site listed on the photo. I just am using it as an example only. I will be posting a pic of my actual truck in a day or two.

Well, I finally got in my posession my father's 1969 Ford F-150. I was so happy, I kissed the hood. She's mine!

My brother was going to just put a sign on her and sell her to some stranger for $1500. I am so lucky my niece said NO! Auntie wants it. So, he called me and I'm like...Oh HELL yeah! (No, he did not charge me his asking price).

I have loved this truck since my father purchased it. We took it everywhere, used it well. She would have a camper on her, we'd hook up the travel trailer, put the small fishing boat on top of the camper and off we'd go on our many family vacations we took at various lakes and ocean campgrounds up the California, Oregon, Washington Coasts.

She is two toned and needs a good paint job and a bit of interior work (not much). I need to get her a good tune up, put some heders on her and just spruce her up. My brother gave me a diagnostic machine that goes with her, the running boards and a bug shield. When she's got her new paint job, the rest will go on. This is going to be a couple of years process.

Tomorrow night, my mom signs the pink slip over to me and Thursday, I'm off to DMV to register her in my name.