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Closed but not forgoten. the Southeastern Dragway will not be forgoten, the 1/8th mile track holds many memories and then some. it is now running silent, she has been deprived of her legacy. she has been beaten and no one is there to fix her. she needs to be reopend. WHY WAS SHE CLOSED? IT IS SAD EVERY TIME I SEE THAT DRAGSTRIP I CAN HEAR THE ROAR OF THE CARS THE RACING FUEL AND RUBBER, BUT IT NOW HOLDS NOTHING BUT MEMORIES.

All shall remember that dragstrip it is now just sitting noone to race on it. it needs to be fixed,

All the people that wanted it closed down got their wish, but we shall stand up and take it back because that dragstrip is what made dallas what it is today. It can be made better, reopen it within weeks and some hard work we can all pitch it and get it back running again.