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A couple of months ago I had a fuel problem that, after a great deal, was resolved by reseating the coil cable. Easy once you figure it out. Then, a couple weeks ago I took the Austin Healey out for a ride and didn't get more than 1/2 mile before it died on me. Fortunately I was able to start it, drive it a few 100 yards before it stalled, start it, drive it couple......

After I finally got it home I was able to determine that it was a fuel starvation issue - fuel wasn't getting to the carburators. I quickly suspected that there was garbage in the fuel line and that there may be an issue with my gas tank. Taking the fuel sending unit off of the gas tank and shining a light into the tank allowed me to see items floating in the tank and a rusted gas tank bottom.

Rather than refinish the gas tank I decided to replace it and then cleaned the fuel lines - no solida matter in the lines, but there was some residue/dirt on the rag. After assemblying everything, the car runs like it should again.

During restoration I had the gas tank flushed and sealed professionally, but it goes to show you that this doesn't always work. It doesn't take very much to block fuel from getting through to the engine.