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In 1959 high school graduate Del Luehring drove out of West Point, Nebraska in a 1948 Ford. He returned to West Point fifty years later, in the Spring of 2009, driving his 1948 Studebaker Starlight coupe....significantly modified with Del's creativity.

Showing off his bullet-light Studebaker at the 2009 National Hot Rod Power Tour, Del gave the history and pedigree of this great car.

Headlights from a 1953 Ford and tailights from a Dodge Viper give you an idea of the chopped and rebuilt nature of this Studebaker. Like most projects, it took Del a few years to take it apart and put it together. From a barn in Gibbon, Nebraska twelve years ago Del saw this as a challenge. The car was rare and the challenge "something different." He took the '48 frame, put on a 1951 Studebaker front end, a 350 Corvette engine, 9 inch Ford Rear end, disc brakes front and back, and welded in the rear fenders. Finish it off with a great paint job by Dave Hulksor and this project is complete.

Now its time to drive and show.

The West Point High School reunion may have been the most memorable, but trips to Kansas City, Des Moines, and other Midwest locations give Del lots of showin' time. He says that the bullet-nose of of the Studebaker pulls folks over then then like really like the panoramic view of this unique car.

As a kid, Del said he was always interested in cars and girls...not telling which was top of his list; even though the grin and twinkle in Del's eye gave it away. Since then he has worked on plenty of projects. It's just a great hobby and he wished more folks could enjoy it as he has over the years.

One of hundreds of cars ( and stories ) at this event, this one confirmed that hot rodding is as much about creativity and fun and ingenuity...sort of the American way. And Del and his Studebaker exhibit that fully.