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??Discount car electronics resolve how the sound is generated in the car audio system?
??While many owners like friends immersed in the world of music, but for the sound and how generated presumably few people will know. Like the variety of voices in the air, no matter what form they have, are caused due to the vibration of the object. Next, take a look at the car audio system sound generation. automotive electronics suppliers.
??The sound of car audio sound source must be spread out through the middle of the medium to the people most familiar with the sound transmission medium is air, in addition to the gas, liquid and solid can also carry sound. Barking of the speed of propagation of the vibration in the medium-speed, the speed of sound in the medium of any one, depending on the elasticity and density of the medium, therefore, the velocity of propagation of sound in different media is different: in the propagation velocity of the liquids and solids in general than much faster in air, for example, the sound speed in water as 1450m / s, compared to 5000 m / s in the copper.
??The car stereo, the propagation speed of sound in air is also increased with increasing temperature of the air. The forward air vibrations known as sonic, acoustic wave propagation space grunting field. Acoustic vibrations in the air in the dissemination of space-time the temperament point is not being taken away, it's just back and forth vibration near the original position, so the sound propagation is the transmission of vibration.
??Object leaves the distance of the rest position of said displacement ?, the maximum displacement is called amplitude ?, the the harmonic vibration displacement in relation to time is expressed as the ? = ?Sin (2?ft + ?), where f is the frequency, (2?ft + ?) is called harmonic vibration the phase angle, it is decided the important quantities of the state of motion of the object, determines the size of the intensity of the sound amplitude ?.
??Always, each object in the world when the vibration occurs at the time will produce the sound, the sound emitted object known as the sound source. If the vibration amplitude of the object such as a sine curve, as the change over time then this vibration is called harmonic vibration, an object with a simple harmonic motion when the air around the dot for simple arrangements vibration.
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