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ran a drag at lancaster only one race :( against my friends 2002 GP GTP. he was running a stock eaton charger (psi unknown) k&n intake, corsa catback, power programmer and i think new supercharger pulleys. i ran on underdrive pulleys, k&n intake, MAC cat back, and a tune to 93 octane gas.

i ran:

1/4 mile et- 13.898
1/4 mile mph- 100.830
0-60 ft- 2.118

he ran:

1/4 mile et- 14.339
1/4 mile mph- 97.215
0-60 ft- 2.107

i got em by about half a sec. and silenced all his pre race bragging hahaha!

im hoping to hit the track again this year and try to get pics or maybe even a video! ill keep ya updated