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Well I decided to tell this story just in case it might help someone out there. From the time I bought my C5 it has had little electrical glitches, kind of like a slot machine you just didn’t know what would pop up when you turned the key. When I bought the car it had a bad battery ( by the way it is my experience that all used Corvettes come with bad batteries) after changing the battery things got a little better. After the new battery I still had some problems though so like so many GMs before I decided to change the ignition switch my lock cylinder was also toast. (the key would vibrate out as you drove and set off the security light) I found this great place for parts best prices I could find. Long story short the swap out went very smooth the lock cylinder was the hardest part you have to transfer all the lock tumblers and springs to the new one exactly as they came out of the old one. Now the car runs great and all of my electrical glitches have seemed to vanish. So if you are having random electrical problems you might want to try changing your ignition switch.

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