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I sanded and primered the Elky today with K2 catalted. I wanted a light color but all I could find was grey. I will put pics on later.
Of course as Murphy's law dictates, anyything that could go wrong today, did. First, my paint gun just decided to act like it was possessed, it quit spraying in a cone, then it started spittin blobs, then it decided to spray for about a second and then stop, needless to say I was getting a little frustrated. Finaly I didnt know what else to do to the gun, as it was getting worse so I unhooked the air hose and threw the SOB as far as I could. Well now I had a half a splotchy primer job and no paint gun. What do I do? I got my wagner electric paint sprayer out loaded up my paint and sprayed the car. Of course the wagner sprays in a circle so it took a bit of injunuity to make it work and the overspray was unbelievable, but it all worked out good and the primer looks about 10 feet. hahaha
GOTTa go for now, if anybody has any painting tips for please let me know, cause I guess I forgot how.