Filtered Content: This photo may not be appropriate for work.

Tons of labor done this week. Took off the front passenger fender since it was a replacement one and seemed to have rust right where it attaches to the engine bay. Luckily once it was off we could see there was just one small spot that could be sanded out. Hubby and his brother did mega amounts of sanding to prep for paint. Then the entire engine compartment was painted with some nasty acetone/chemical mix rust preventer stuff. Gag! Found out we should have had respirators for that.

While that was drying, took out the K frame and some calipers and spindles (I think, not sure since I'm not the mechanic!). Cleaned them up real good and went on a hunt for paint spray cans in Y8 gold. Had a recommendation from garyfish340 of a place in PA but they didn't stock the color. The local shop is a House of Kolor and they were able to mix it for us based on the original factory PPG code.

Today the engine compartment got sprayed and it looks great! The color matches perfectly; was very worried about that. We left the back firewall in the original paint. The K frame and spindles were also painted black.

No work planned for the next several days as Hubby has ASE recertification exams but he ordered almost $1000 in parts for the front end, brake lines, trans lines, and more!! Thank goodness we don't have to pay for labor. :-)