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This past Friday I was able to get some more done on the Camaro. First I put a new filter and gasket on my tranny. Some idiot tried to jack the car up by the pan and just made a big dent so I pounded the dent out since I had the pan off. I also cleaned and repainted the tranny when I was done.
Then I sandblasted and painted the old valve covers that were on the engine since the nice polished ones I have won't clear the poly locks on the rockers. I'm going to use these old ones for now. My friend says he's going to try to make a spacer for the nicer valve covers eventually. I really hope the spacer idea works because I think those valve covers really make the look of the engine.
When we went to set the engine in the car the new Moroso motor mounts I bought didn't fit the ones on the crossmember. The Moroso ones were smaller. So we had to take the motor mounts off and use the ones that were on the old motor. Then it fit fine.
My friend also ran fuel lines and mounted the electric fuel pump and fuel filter. Turned out great! I took some pics, but they turned out bad. I'll take more pics next weekend.
All in all it's coming along pretty good. Now I have to install the tranny, exhaust and wire everything up. Oh yeah - I also have to put new brakes and brake lines on this thing too.
Check out the albums under the Camaro S/C for the latest pics.