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I decided to decode the casting and engine code numbers on my cars engine.I know that that motor had been replaced, because in 1978, Pontiac didn't offer a 350 in the Le Mans or Grand Le Mans. So I cleaned up the numbers and this is what I got, V1027THB, CC411270 (might be CC4112709), and 14010207. The Casting number is 14010207 and it is for 350 cid V8, 1980-85, 4 bolt main. and for trucks. V1027THB is the engine ID. V = Flint, Michigan - 10 = October - 27 = 27th day of the month - THB = truck, 1982, 350 cid, 4bbls, Con, Fd, Van, Bus cab, C20 to 3500. So it looks like I have a pretty stout motor in my car. But I can't find any info on the CC411270 (or CC4112709) number. I think this may be the engine's vin number, but i am not sure. Can anybody please shed some light on this? Thank you!