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Went to work this past weekend since it was nice out, My buddy Jeff and I worked hard to pull the old smokey Merc 390 FE 2bbl w/cruise-o-matic from my 64 Gal. I acquired a good running, no smoke, good compression 64 360 FE 4bbl from a 64 T-bird to install.

I started a few weeks before, once the 4bbl 390 got home, stripped it of externals and cleaned it, painted it with 3-5 coats of correct Ford Black. Popped some old Merc tall boy valve covers on while painting. Will store the gold solid thunderbird covers for now. Once I have it painted, manifolds off and water pump painted we went to work on pulling the old engine out.

got a break in the weather here in NC and took it to my advantage. My buddy Jeff came over and we disconnected, removed everything we could from the 65 Merc 390 FE that was in the car. This engine had a comprimised head gasked between cyl 5-6, leaky valve stem seals, plus I didn't care for the anemic 2bbl carb and intake setup. I have a nice working Cruise-o-matic in the car and intend on servicing and moving it to the new motor

We struggled with the behemouth coming out, man those engines are huge and heavy with tranny attached!!!

Engines out I set to moving tranny's and an assundry of smaller items between them. The guy I bought the t-bird motor came over and well he's a huge source of knowledge on FE engines, saved me some huge mistakes. Almost ready to install the freshened lump

I'm waiting on some Sanderson shorty block hugger ceramic coated headers I bought !! Can't wait to install them and get the engine back in. While waiting I'm going to service the tranny with fresh filter,pan gasket and shaft seal.

will post more pics and info later