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I just got back from Straight-Line Racing Performance Shop in Toronto and everything is back in order for the Engine Bay with the freshley painted block, the new intake & the new master cylinder in it's place and the Carb re-jeted "Leaned out because there was a ton of black smoke" coming out of my tail pipes last year (Sorry for the smoke screen to those that were behind me everytime I hit the accelerator)...but something just didn't look right to me...

...then it dawned on me that I had to polish up the Carb to make it shine along with the rest of the Chrome, Billet, I started to the job of taking the top part of the engine apart again and begin polshing the Carb with "Nevr-Dull" which took me about 3 hours of elbow grease, then I was beginning to think on what would it look like if I painted the "Demon" letters in red? So I'm off to the closest Hobby-Shop for some model paint and I buy a pack with an assorment of different colors.

I liked the red color beause there is alot of red accents in the engine bay and I know that some of you would of said to paint it yellow to match the car...but the red turned out really good...I'm very impressed!

Then when that job finished...I happened to glance over to my valve covers and noticed that th Bowtie & Chevrolet was a little dull from the heat and what I retouched the red "Bowtie" and painted the "Chevrolet " letters yellow...I turned out even better than the original, tomorrow I will be going back to the shop to give all the painted parts another coat.

After I get the new rims on the car I will post up new pics and I will be doing a couple more upgrades later this year hopefully before summer...

You will either see it in person or you will see the pictures!