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I got my TD's worked on again today for like the 3rd time. After some serious trial and error it seems that it is the best it can be now. Dual 2.5'' pipes going over the passenger side axle with a hanger before the axle holding both and two seperate hangers before each end. It seems to have enough give to twist under engine torque but also seemed to add a bunch of stiffness to the frame. It is like getting mild sub-frame connectors over dumps! Plus I don't have to take off my exhaust when I put my car on a lift anymore.

And 2.5'' pipes seemed more than enough since I have no cats and not really any other restriction. Wanted to fit in some cutouts but there was no room (also wanted 3'' but not enough room over the axle, I'm not going under...) so I guess I'll put them on my Galaxie when I start work on that.

Decided on no flange before the axle. Figured if I need to change my fuel pump I'll just pull back the carpet and cut a small opening above it in my hatch. Seemed like the better solution to me.

Late model F-body exhaust is a tricky beast to get worked out. Sticking w/ the Y-pipe seems to be a lot less of a headache but I would rather not stick w/ the restriction that GM made me have. Pretty happy w/ the setup now.