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As Peter Griffin would say, "You know what grinds my gears?"
Well allow me to start off by saying that even though I am pretty new to this site, I am hooked. I am on this site, at least 2 or three times a day to view your awesome rides and stealing your ideas for my own cars (just kidding). I also rate alot of cars on challanges.

But what bothers me is even though it's clearly stated that you shouldn't just steal pictures and put them up as your own, it's pretty clear that some people do this. When I started my profile, I'll be the first to admit, that I used pictures from the internet, but on every caption for those photos, I clearly state that "This is what my car looked like except..." In other words, this ain't a real picture of my ride. Currently, all of my cars that I currently own have real pictures. 3 of the cars that I and my family used to own have borrowed pictures only because we didn't have a digital camera at those times, so when I'm home on leave next time, I'll have to dig through photographs to scan for my profile. It just annoys me that some folks seem to copy a picture of a car they want and put it on their profile. I could be off base here, but when there's no real information on the car, and only one picture, it looks suspicious.

But, this other problem is more annoying. When a certain user (who will remain anonymous to avoid embarrassment) takes pictures of +his car, and claims he's done modifications that, if he did do, for some reason can't produce any pictures to back this up. The car in question is clearly a V-6 Mustang, based on the body, and smaller, cheaper rims that don't come on GT models, and the user claims his car is a GT. But it gets better... Not only does he lie about the trim level, but he also claims to have stuffed in a supercharged SVT motor in this car as a mod. Now I have seen alot of older Fox body Mustangs with V-8 conversions, but this car is a 99-04. That's unusual. Why would someone buy this motor for a lesser car, when the whole collectable model is fairly available? Also, if you do this, why not change any of the outword appearance of the car? You would at minimum (and only if you wanted a real sleeper I guess) absolutely have to change the hood, to clear the supercharger. Oh and this user has a picture of the superchared motor, but it's pretty obvious that it's a press photo.

Hey I don't care if you got a car that's not the fastest, just keep it real. None of my cars are super fast or rare, but I have too much pride to misrepresent myself that way. Keep this site fun, truthful, and fair for everyone else.