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Ok...I was finally able to get to doing the mods on Labor Day. I wasn't able to, unfortunately, finish all of the ones I wanted to due to time and money issues. I added the SLP front grille, a pace car spoiler, and the Weathertech window vent shades. Also added new rims (MB Motoring Drifters) and new tires. I rebadged as well, adding black scripts to the trunk and sides, and a red bowtie to the trunk. It makes it look like an SS wannabe...but I thought the red would be better to match the red bowtie on the grille. I was also able to wash, claybar, and wax. What a difference that made!!! The paint still needs work (got some orangepeel to it), but it's not a priority for me right now. I still plan to gut the airbox and add a drop-in K&N filter...just have to find the time to do it. I also plan to paint the calipers when I can get time. Hopefully before the month is out.